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About Us

U.Vision Eyewear was started with a simple belief to introduce unique design eyewear to Singapore optical market. In 1991, we started with 2 niche eyewear brands from Italy. Over the years, we continued to source for quality eyewear with good, original designs to add to our portfolio. Concurrently, we started to introduce our curated eyewear to neighbouring countries. Firstly in Malaysia, followed by Hong Kong, and most recently to Thailand.

Over the years, U.Vision Eyewear preserved through the many changes in eyewear trend and market changes. We build a stable team of like-minded professionals who shared our vision. Through the years, we have also strengthened our relationship with an increasing network of discerning opticians who enjoy working with our selected eyewear.

Ultimately, the end goal is to offer consumers in our market good access to quality eyewear sourced from the best designers the world over. Currently we work with eyewear designers from Japan, Germany, Sweden, Korea and China. 

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