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Comfort, Simple, Functional and Delicate Designs are developed and created by MOTIVUM.

We are motivated from your desire what you want to find in your eyewear. Every one of the frames is decently completed with our accumulated technical skills and experience. we are standing in the middle of advances. We don't just provide frames; we present you with advanced comfort and stylish.

Follow our innovative technologies and discover the value of beyond the frames with MOTIVUM.


What we need when making glasses is the imagination to express our identity, the advanced technology
to implement lmagination, and commitment to thousands of tests.


We imagine removing unnecessary elements from glasses to make our glasses look new and inventive


Completing the imagination with glasses does not happen in a moment.
That would be rezlized by the delicate techniques we've built over 30 years.


Our innovation started with the inconvenience when wearing glasses.
To remember where we stared, all new products are worn and tested for more than 12 months. We make and break hundreds of glasses during the test period.

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