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JAPONISM was launched in 1996 as BOSTON CLUB’s first original brand, having vast experience and knowledge from working with various apparel brands and optical collection for their OEM projects since 1984. JAPONISM collection is infused with this experiences and dream of a perfect eyewear.


JAPONISM is now one of the leading optical brands in Japan with the highest standard of production techniques by skilled craftsmen from the city of Sabae, where BOSTON CLUB is based.


JAPONISM design is neat and elegant yet has a massive presence. Functionality and utility are combined into natural shape and embody the concept of  “Japanese Modern".


JAPONISM uses a wide range of frame materials from titanium to carbon fiber and even natural materials such as bamboo and wood to express its design in the best way.  As nose pad and hinge is the most important part in a frame s to offer comfortable fitting are our original design and are patented. JAPONISM continues to develop its brand by introducing new lines, PROJECTION in 2012 and Sense in 2014.

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