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Brand Concept

Committed to producing Yellows Plus products in Japan.

To realize designer TOSHIAKI YAMAGISHI's subtle image as precisely as possible, since eyewear is put on the most noticeable part of the face, every precision even a 1 mm of the line thickness or a 1 degree of surface angle change makes the frame completely different.

Therefore, it is essential that skillful craftsmen who have mastered the manufacturing technique in Fukui, (one of the world's major eyewear production districts of Japan), precisely adjust the detail to the initial design drawings

It is also essential to consistently develop new manufacturing technology. Adopting unprecedented materials and techniques is not always easy as Yellows Plus is based on classic styles. Yet, thanks to the diligent craftsmen in the eyewear production center in Fukui, even if it is an unprecedented tough task, they welcome the challenge and satisfy quality checks with high standards. Obviously one of the big reasons our product has a high reputation worldwide is simply because of its exquisite feel of class and quality.

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